tired of cooking ? refusing to cook? cook on strike? or just no clean dishes
wife left you....with the kids?  sister just dropped off her starving kids for the week

well, whatever the reason.... try out anything from this Free list of Family Restaurants and Eateries in Thunder Bay and Area by someone who actually lives and eats in Thunder Bay, no paid ads, yet, can you taste the difference? note - some hours may change - best to call first -

Recently Discovered NEW RESTAURANTS in + around Thunder Bay Ontario

the Growing Season  201 S. Algoma St  344 6869 -Hours: Monday-Saturday: 11-7, Sunday:CLOSED  - organic sandwiches, wraps, fresh fruit drinks

Melizana   1047 Dawson Road 285 4801  (at Safeway corner)  ~Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm, Friday & Saturday OPEN 'til 11pm~ I hear its great food + a relaxing atmosphere

Calico Coffeehouse   316 Bay St    766 9087   - Next to the Hoito  - great fresh coffee + desserts ~ Hours: Mon - Fri: 7:30 am - 10:30 pm, Sat - Sun: 8:30 am - 10:30 pm~

JFC Fried Chicken    280 S. Algoma at John St    344 6717  - not too spicy, not too greasy + its really good chicken, also FEATURING JAMAICAN PATTIES!! -

Roosters Bistro   32 St. Paul Street  344 7660  homemade cooking + catering ~Hours: Monday-Friday: 7am-4pm, Sat & Sun: 8am-2pm~

NORMA JEANS 123 S. May St  623 0445  - newly re-opened - I really have to go there!

THUNDER BAY RESTAURANT  288 Bay St  344 2922 - that place is filled with local memorabilia + very fast service - open early usually 

PLAYERS Sports Pub + Eatery - 127 S. May St.  623 7600 - good meal prices (maybe not really a family restaurant but a good deal compared to some places)

KABAB VIllage  215 S. Syndicate Ave   622 9495   ~Hours: Monday-Satuday: 11am-8pm, Sunday:closed ~  -  Lebanese + Mediterranean cuisine

Gabby's Spudz + more - 642 S. Franklin at Walsh Corner 623 5691 - the BEST FRIES for miles, Nachos, coney burgers,  coney dogs, frozen perogies, grilled persians (takeout or standup to eat) open 11 am,  5 days a week  + now 20 Flavours of Milkshakes + new fresh grilled chicken on a bun + Pulled Pork Fridays

Steeper's Tea  122 N. May St. + 89 N. Cumberland St  476-0698 - they sell unique Gifts + Tea, all kinds of tea, whatever kind of tea you want, they got it... + they got some tea's you never even knew you wanted,  SO IF YOU NEED TEA FOR ANY REASON IN THUNDER BAY Ontario, THIS IS WHERE YOU SHOULD GO.. or if you just need to know WHY you need tea checkout   

Salisbury Grill  118 W Frederica St  577 8635 - fast service and very clean, daily specials + homemade soup - WOW a real chef in Westfort - open early 6 days a week (located just a few blocks east of ANN MARIE'S FULL SERVE BEAVER.. GAS BAR + CAR WASH ... where you go for gas when the bridge is out or there's a train or it's 40 below or you just want to not pump your own SHELL GAS)

ANGELO'S PIZZA & SUB 470 Hodder Ave (in the Hodder Ave Plaza)  768-8888

Wasabi Restaurant  538 West. Arthur Street  628 8808 - Japanese Style (haven't been there yet but will be testing this very soon) ~Hours: Monday-Friday: 11:30 am 2:00 pm, 4:3010:00 pm, Sunday: 4-9, Sat: 4-10pm


The ORGANIC GARDEN CAFE   415 Fort William Road  344 1917
where the ELITE eat - (directly across from the MOOSE HALL inside the Dark Green Waterfront Winery Building) 

Other Organic style restaurants in and around Thunder Bay

CRONOS CAFE  433 S. Syndicate Av  622 9700  
Opens 11am Monday to Friday 
The 'in' place for lunch on the south side just gets better + better  + the Fresh Daily INCREDIBLE SOUP IS BACK!
it's really not just another Restaurant

ROYAL ARMS CAFE  114 S. May St   623 1048 (also catering)  real food made to order, 2 soups daily  (main floor in the former Royal Edward Hotel Building) - Corner of May + George Street

THE EXTREME PITA   595 W. Arthur St (Brentwood Mall) 475 7482  I'm pretty sure this place qualifies to be in the organic category OPEN DAILY

next stop Kakabeka  sooon!!

Family Style Restaurants that survive by serving great food

  28 N Cumberland St  344 5833  
my absolute favorite place to go with special guests + not just for special occasions (p.s. he loves it when you keep him there really late + you tell him he has to play some Johnny Cash music or you won't leave...  so he told my 'wife' to not bring me back there .. so she left me... yes the food is that good !)

  588 W. Arthur St  473 4088  OPEN EVERY DAY Fresh DIM-SUM on weekends - my new favorite Chinese Restaurant
(located in behind the A+W Restaurant beside Picasso Hair Studio) daily lunch specials

Save a COW  Eat SOUVLAKI ! 

Daily Breakfast + Lunch Specials - fresh soups daily

Souvlaki .... It's  Not  Just  for  Breakfast  Any More!

Fort William Curling Club Restaurant - 218 N. Vickers St  622-5377  a tasty Chinese restaurant eat in or take-out or delivery - above the rest !

Tony + Adam's Restaurant  45 S. COURT ST  767 3897  never been there, maybe they should invite me over and all my friends (ok, one stool is all I need) ~Hours:Sunday:Closed, Monday 4:00 pm 12:00 am, Tuesday4:00 pm 12:00 am, Wednesday4:00 pm 1:00 am, Thursday4:00 pm 1:00 am, Friday3:00 pm 2:00 am, Saturday4:00 pm 2:00 am

UP IN SMOKE  BBQ + Grill  230 S. Leland at Arthur St   577 7444  
(Cajun and Louisiana style cooking eat in or take out) Open: Tues to Sat

SCANDINAVIAN HOME Restaurant  (the SCAN)  147 Algoma St.S.  345  7442 - A Local Landmark + Favorite Eatery - open 7am for breakfast + lunch only  (Mon to Sat)  - NEW BUILDING Now OPEN - + yes the new kitchen is big enough to handle the crowds  ~ Hours: Mon-Fri: 7am-3pm, Sat: 7am-2:00pm, Sunday: 9am-2pm

GREAT NORTHWEST COFFEE COMPANY   250 S. Algoma St. 344 5764 - new address -
the best coffee anywhere (well except for the Cronos cafe), in a town renowned for it's coffee places

CONEY ISLAND -Westfort-  142 W. Frederica St   577 9059 - closed Mondays - cheap coffee though - (very busy 12-1) 

386 N. Cumberland St  346 5688                    
1500  S. James St.  475 5688 
almost Any Pizza is $13 + the biggest freshest loaf of bread for $2.50 ~OPEN DAILY~

CAESAR'S PLACE  (truly Italian pizza) 507 Syndicate Av S.  623 4402  quite possibly the best pizza in town at a fair price, very authentic atmosphere right down to the z-brick on the walls!

MADHOUSE (TAVERN GRILL) 295 BAY St. (at Algoma St)  344 6600  very creative menu + in a great shopping district, families welcome in daytime, at nite, it's just a madhouse

the HOITO  314 BAY St.  (quite possibly the centre of the Universe)  345 6323  memo: there are absolutely no lineups here between 3 to 4:30pm daily     

AJ's Restaurant    Hwy 61 at Hwy 130 Junction   473 8444  best coney sauce outside of Westfort, except for the Coney Island Restaurant in Duluth MN formerly owned by two brothers named  Gus + George  ~Hours: Monday-Friday 6:30 am- 9pm, Saturday: 8am-9pm, Sunday: 9-9~

CASCADES Restaurant  in Kakabeka Falls  473 9012
bright and clean, and they don't mind if your kids would rather sit on the floor! OPEN daily!

THE KEG   Balmoral St at Harbour Expressway
(735 Hewitson St)  623 1960  ~Hours: Mon-Sat: 4pm-1am, Sunday: 4pm-midnight ~
(see how many free loaves of fresh bread you can eat before the meal arrives....4 is my personal record or 6 with help from a few friends)    

GARGOYLES GRILL and ALE  11 Cumberland S. 345 3011 ~Hours: Sunday4:0010:00 pm, Monday:11:00 am 10:00 pm, Tuesday:11:00 am 10:00 pm, Wednesday:11:00 am 12:00 am, Thursday:11:00 am 12:00 am, Friday:11:00 am 1:00 am, Saturday:4:00 pm 1:00 am

PROSPECTOR STEAK HOUSE  27 Cumberland St  S. 345 5833 

Masala Grille (was Harrington Court)  170 Algoma St N.  344 3663 
~Hours: 11:30-2pm + 5-9 pm (Mon to Fri )    5-9 pm Sat.~  (Indian + Thai Cuisine)

379 Oliver Rd   344 6761  ~Hours: Mon-Fri: 7:30am-11pm, Sat: 8am-11pm, Sunday: 8am-11pm~   - Finn Pancakes - fast service lots of tables close to University + Hospital area

It's a sure sign of Summer when these places open up
+ really good food tastes even better with oxygen added!

MERLA MAE ICE CREAM   346 Memorial Ave 344 7887 don't call - just go there !
open every day all summer  - Thunder Bay's favorite eat on the run open all summer restaurant

THE PROSPECTOR BURGER BARN  701 S. Syndicate Ave - Open all Summer! (in case you're wondering why everybody is driving down Syndicate Ave, it's more than just new pavement)

Open Daily June to Sept  + Weekends Spring + Fall  
located in former Pass Lake Train Station - on the 'Sleeping Giant' Highway - well worth drive - eat inside or lakeside all summer

SILVER ISLET STORE  - downtown Silver Islet (between the TOES of the Sleeping Giant) - just past Sleeping Giant Provincial Park - great place to GO all summer - it's like dropping by at an Oceanfront resort a world away from Thunder Bay

THIS OLD BARN   5089 Oliver Rd - just past Murillo  935 3015  you'll be glad you went here!

HOPPER'S Variety  2160 Hwy 588  NOLALU 475 8814 - General Store, Bar + Grill, Hardware, golf course, laundromat + GAS  - a fun place to drop in any day ~OPEN DAILY!~

RESTAURANTS LESS than 1.5 Hours into USA - (best to call ahead for hours)

The Angry Trout Cafe Hwy 61 (Grand Marais MN 1 218 387 1265
organically grown produce + meats, fresh fish + soups

My Sister's Place Hwy 61  (Grand Marais MN)  218 387 1915 (beside Clyde's Car Wash) (actually my sister is a nurse, + she never invites me over so I sometimes have to drive 75 miles to the real My Sister's Place restaurant for holidays and special occasions)

the COHO CAFE  + BAKERY Hwy 61  TOFTE  MN  218 663 8032
beside the legendary BLUE FIN BAY RESORT - o
n site (home-made) Bakery, Award winning PIZZA, Soups, salads, sandwiches, Cappuccino, also beer + wine and a fresh + unique atmosphere  

The LUTSEN RESORT  Hwy 61 (in the original building on the Big Lake Superior waterfront - they built a whole town around this place) + the BEST Easter SUNDAY dinner anywhere !


Great area Outdoor Food Markets + Little Stores to SHOP at - Organic and others

MALTESE GROCERY + DELI - ___   S. Algoma + Pearl St ________
(if the OPEN sign is on - the are Open)

THUNDER BAY FARMERS' MARKET  (since 1998) - various locations  call 964 2042  or see link

THUNDER BAY COUNTRY MARKETS - in CLE area Canadian Lakehead Exhibition Grounds - various times call 623 1046  or see link above

GEORGE'S MARKET + Midway Grocery Balsam at River St corner  345 7021
in store bakery, full meat counter, FRESH produce, gift baskets  maybe 45 employees - just ask for Chief Dan George + he'll point you to the $1 bread rack  Open 364 days a year
p.s. Christmas Trees are 1/2 price after Dec 23 so it's only $39 for the most beautiful tree ever + they might even get cheaper after Dec 25

BRENT PARK STORE   86 Brent St   345 6931  ~  Hours: open 9 - 6 weekdays Sat 9-5 ~
great meats, European imported specialties, gift baskets - in a hurry?.. check out the freezer section for Deals on Pre-wrapped + Frozen meats  (now....if they only had a post office and a bank machine)

WESTFORT FOODS  111 Frederica St  E.  623 4220  ~Hours: open 9-9 daily~  

SKAF'S JUST BASICS   470 Hodder Ave Plaza   683 3930  
(YES, the OWNER even helps out at the 'til when they're busy) ~ Hours: OPEN 9am to 11PM

EUROPEAN BAKERY   640 Simpson St.  623 2344 where an older breadmaker is better than your new bread maker

RENCO FOODS   161 S. Court St    345 3947    
NEW Second LOCaTION in CENTENNIAL SQUARE -  like where else You gonna PINK POPCORN ???
Local Milk, bread, great deals, weekly specials + just the right size store not too big not too small   a great store! ~open 9-9 place~

NEW location - 
431 Hardisty St N . across from GILBERTS FURNITURE Store Simpson St
.... 12 cinnamon donuts for $1 or 6 Fresh for $1.89....  bread for $1 + up - several employees locally -

RESTAURANTS with FAMILY SPECIALS also Toys and other Gimmicks to get you in there, (not that there's anything wrong with that)
Sorted by Day of the WEEK


JOEY'S  ONLY - Seafood 595 Arthur St. W. Brentwood Mall   577  4334   

- Family Nite 
Kids 10 + under eat for $2.99 accompanied by an adult
- 505 Memorial Ave 345 6622
- 217 W. Arthur St  577 4201




TACOTIME  -  Arthur St / Memorial Ave / N. Cumberland  Taco Tuesdays - regular tacos just  $.99 Cdn ~577-4239~
caution owner looks like the the new manager guy at MERLA MAE  like WTF

  Arthur St (
577-4201) + Memorial Av (345-6622)
- Pasta Nite Specials (large size for price of small)

JOEY'S ONLY Seafood   595 Arthur Street W  577  4334        
All you Can Eat Fish + Chips   CHEAP! Tuesday

PIZZA HUT   635 Arthur St W (
767-8848) & 807 Red River Rd (767-8848)
Kids 12 + under Eat FREE with purchase of Adult (Tuesday)

McHappy Meals  only $1.99 on Tuesdays until 8pm
(you know where.....Ba da da da da, i'm lovin' it ♥)

KFC - toonie toosday (ok since when did $2 get to be $2.79 ?? ... is that even legal?? or are we now pricing USD)  what if I only had $2  + I went there .... would they just keep all the paper + forks ?  ok they changed it to like $1.45 BUT you only get one piece of chicken ...  so the search continues


BURGER KING   Arthur at Edward Street  623-4612
whopper Wednesday    KING Deals EVERY DAY  wow now if only they had somebody in DRIVE-THRU that could keep up !!!!!!!

APPLEBEE'S   1155 Alloy Dr.   346 5994   
Kids 12 + under eat for $1.99   off kid's menu

KELSEY'S  805 Memorial Av  345 0400    THURSDAY - 1/2 price WING SPECIALS


RIVER ROCK BAR + GRILL   698 W. Arthur St  473 1600 (inside the Airlane Travellodge) 
$1 BEEF On A BUN  Friday 5- 8pm 



KELSEY'S  805 Memorial Av  345 0400
Kids Menu meal includes FREE Ice Cream 

CHICAGO JOE'S (in Victoria Inn) Arthur St  577 8481
Every day Kids menu (includes drink + Dessert), priced very well (cheap :) ) !

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