Telecom Options This is our Canadian customer application for long distance service with Telecom Options Inc. based in Winnipeg, MB.
This form can also be printed out and faxed to 1-888-451-3802 if preferred.

You will be contacted by phone to confirm this application.

Company Name
Contact Name
E-Mail Address
Mailing Address
Province, CANADA
Postal Code
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Present Local Phone Company
Present Long Distance Carrier
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Add a Telephone Number for Basic Long Distance
Request a New 800 Number
Transfer your Existing 800 Number

Click on a button to the left to apply for a service, page will refresh each time. Add as many phone numbers as you want to the input fields. You receive only one itemized bill for all numbers, monthly, to the billing address entered above.

Basic Long Distance Service - Canadian Telephone Numbers
To add a phone number here, click on "Add Telephone Number" on the menu above.

Get a new Canadian Toll-Free Number (business, or residential)
To apply for SIMPLE 800 service, click on "Request a New 800 number" on the menu above. Your toll-free number will forward to the basic local number you specify.

Transfer your existing Canadian toll-free numbers
To apply to switch your existing toll-free number(s) to our SIMPLE 800 service, click on "Transfer Existing 800 Number" above. Your actual Toll-Free Number will remain the same, only the provider will change.

Canada/U.S. Cards Enter how many calling cards you need and select your billing preference - a hard copy by mail or by e-mail.
International Cards
Billing Medium
Account Codes

You should receive an instant confirmation of this request for long distance service, sent direct to the email address you supplied above.

Please confirm all details and note any changes in a followup email to, or call us at 1-866-516-5532. Please use the same email address in all correspondence with us.

Orders for transfer of your existing long distance service or toll-free numbers usually take between 1 and 3 weeks to complete. Once processed, you can expect only one itemized statement monthly for all numbers submitted in this application.

Applications for new Simple 800 service may take slightly longer. You will be notified by phone of your new toll-free number as soon as it's installed and tested.